About Carl Harvey

As a successful agency that understands that you can never stand still, we are always looking to get better. Carl Harvey gave us a concrete answer to what better looks like. His sales management process helped us introduce best practices in motivating, managing and holding accountable our salespeople. His sales development approach helped us map our sales process and introduce a selling system to execute that process. Some of the outcomes: our producers have become genuinely, consultative salespeople, they are now better able to distinguish themselves from their competition and, most significantly, they are winning more than their fair share of new business.

Jules Gaudreau, President of The Gaudreau Group

One of the pivotal moves we have made to grow our agency has been working with Carl Harvey. His sales approach and tools not only have helped us make better sales hires, but have taken these new producers and created a process and pathway for their success. As a result, we have brought in more new premium dollars last year than in the past five, and this year are now tracking to have our best year ever in new business. Carl has played an indispensable role in that success, and l has become a valued business consultant and mentor to our agencies. Our sales and marketing process has been streamlined and more efficient with Carl’s expertise. 

Tony Boynton, Principal of Boynton Insurance

When we first met Carl, he told us that the keys for successful agencies to keep growing were: a better and more effective process to attract and hire salespeople who can sell, and better sales management to develop, manage and hold accountable salespeople. We not only listened to his advice but acted upon it. His systematic recruiting process has given us more qualified candidates than ever before and thus has allowed us to choose the best among a good crop, instead of the best among a bad lot. His sales management process has complemented this by allowing us to better onboard new hires, give them a developmental path to succeed while holding them accountable for results early on. The end result: we are now poised to grow, confident they we have the processes and practices that can drive that growth.

Jim Smith, Principal of Smith, Buckley and Hunt

I can’t thank you enough, Carl. I’ve already seen ways in which I’ve changed my behavior and sales skills. You’re an excellent teacher. I never thought I’d look forward to a 7:30 am meeting each week, but I truly did! Your topics and style are top-notch!

Michelle O’Brien, sales professional, Yahoo!

Carl’s course is excellent! It provides straightforward, real-world selling techniques that will make an immediate impact on your bottom line.

Kevin Lister, President, Paradigm Strategies

By implementing just a few of Carl Harvey’s sales techniques, I was able to lock down three new appointments with executive-level decision makers in just one week. The result? Two new Fortune 100 clients for the new year.

Kathleen Aston, CEO, Dragon Direct Marketing

Both the rookie sales person and the seasoned veteran should embrace Carl’s techniques. I can attest his concepts contributed to my professional sales behavioral changes, and catapulted my sales career.

Justus Anderson, ADT Security Systems

Carl’s instruction is very applicable, and very well presented. Especially enjoyed the emphasis on self-esteem as the foundation of successful selling.

Toni Clark, Yahoo!

Carl Harvey has been instrumental in the sales growth our company has achieved over the past three years. His training techniques and system have equipped our company with an edge that has proven to be invaluable. Carl quickly identified our company’s strengths and customized his program based on our organizations short and long term goals. I highly recommend Carl and his proven program.

Anthony J. Froio, President, South Shore Security, Inc.

Salespeople are constantly told, ‘when you’re telling you’re not selling.’ The problem is, no one shows salespeople the alternative to ‘telling.’ Carl Harvey’s training provides that alternative. His questioning techniques and selling strategies show salespeople how they can begin to have real conversations with their prospects and clients. His powerful and practical techniques will help our already successful sales team move up to another level.

Larry Weiss, President, Atlantic –Tomorrow’s Office

After our coaching session, I had six scheduled sales presentations over the next three day. I practiced the script you laid out for me on my way to these appointments, and used them during the presentations. It actually worked! Out of those six, four turned into immediate sales; 1 was able to schedule a return appointment for the fifth, and the last was closed within 24 hours. I now know I can overcome my hardest obstacles and my unsubstantiated fears. It was amazing! All my customers could do was sign. Carl, thank you!

Sharon Riley, Sales Representative, Nightwatch Protection

About Carl’s Book

This could easily be the best book on the subject of lack of self-esteem and what to do about it I’ve ever read.

Davis Cox, Dynamx.com Presentation Solutions

This book brings together a wonderful blend of hard facts and easy-to-follow suggestions, and may possibly offer, for the first time, a logical and realistic positive process.

 Jim Thompson, SunLife Financial

A path-breaking approach to sales. Not just a compilation of sales techniques, but a blue-print to actually change your behavior.

C. Turner, Advance Management Services

Your book deserves the widest audience, not just with sales people, because what you cover applies to negotiating we all do in life. Your ideas will help me as account manager, as I deal with customers who may want or need additional coverages on their insurance policies. In essence, your book captures a lot of wisdom. I used my highlighter on almost every page.

Henry Scuoteguazza, Factory Mutual Global

About Carl’s Presentations

Carl Harvey brings to his speaking engagements a balance of practical information, humor and anecdote to help even the novice sales person overcome the fear of cold calling. He quickly identifies where you are deficient and creates a plan to help you overcome every possible “sales stall” tactic. You come away from a speaking or coaching session with Carl ready to tackle your next sales situation armed with proven technique.

Celia A. Couture, President, CC Consulting

Carl Harvey utilizes his career experiences, both positive and negative to motivate and educate those attending his sales seminars. Attendees relate best to a situation when they know someone else has gone through that same experience. That’s the best type of teaching method.

Christine A. Hagopian, Director of Programs, Printing Industries of New England (PINE)

Carl Harvey’s powerful presentations give people a way to grow their confidence, whether as a sales person or as a job seeker, allowing them to perform whatever tasks they need to perform. He is great for both presentations and seminars and has a method that moves people forward.

Larry Elle, Wind Networking

Carl Harvey is amazing. It was my good fortune to attend one of his presentations. His one-hour talk had an immediate effect on my approach to finding and bringing in new sales. It improved my sales ability, and increased my effectiveness on the first call I made the following morning! As a longtime student of sales, the “Ah-ha!” moments are few and far between now, but Carl delivered. I can’t wait to learn more.

Marcus W. Muirhead, Executive Director, Massachusetts Systems Contractors Association