Speaking Topics

Carl Harvey offers professional consulting services for the senior executives of businesses and corporations. With his assistance, business leaders can build a successful sales team and reach corporate goals.

Here is a list of presentation topics representative of our offerings.  These presentations can be delivered as a one-hour talk, or as a half- or full-day workshop, depending on your needs and requirements.

How to End Groundhog Day: Stop Hiring Weak Salespeople and Start Hiring the Right Ones

Companies want and need to grow. To do that, they need sales producers who can sell. The problem is that, for many companies, this remains an elusive goal. For too many companies, hiring sales producers is a string of failed efforts and repeated mistakes:

  • Producers with a book of business, who no longer want or can sell;
  • Salespeople with insurance experience, who are escaping from failure;
  • Salespeople outside of the industry who show promise but lack the skills and strengths to succeed.

These disappointments confront companies with an unwanted dilemma: stop looking, and thus stop growing, or continue to make the same bad hires and repeat the same mistakes. 

The alternative? Stop reliving groundhog day and instead put in place a systematic process of attracting, identifying, and evaluating sales talent. 

In this immediately actionable talk, Carl Harvey, sales development specialist and author of the book, What’s Stopping You?, will outline just such a process. He will begin by identifying the most common mistakes made by companies in looking for salespeople.

He will then outline a powerful 8 step Hiring Mosaic to attract, identify and hire salespeople who can sell.

  • Write ads that will attract top performers while discouraging the weaker ones.
  • Automate your hiring process.
  • The importance of using a sales-specific assessment to identify weaknesses that may be fatal, but which you will never pick up in an interview or find on a resume.
  • What to look for on resumes and what to look for that isn’t on the resumes.
  • Conduct a phone interview to separate the wheat from the chaff.
  • Conducting in-person interviews and what questions to ask to determine whether the candidates can sell.
  • Use reference checks to find out the truth about the candidates. 

Attracting, identifying and hiring the right salespeople is neither a mystery nor a matter of luck. Rather it is about cause and effect, understanding the qualities and characteristics of strong salespeople and being able to identify and evaluate those traits through a systematic hiring process. 

How Salespeople Surrender Their Power and How to Stop It 

Did you ever know a prospect prior to becoming your prospect, when the prospect was just a person, just like other people.

But when that same person becomes a prospect, the person becomes transformed. We are afraid to disappoint the prospect; we become too accommodating; we tend to accept the stories and stalls, knowing they are stories and stalls; we fear rejection and don’t want to fail. 

What did this person, now prospect, do to transform into this imposing figure? Nothing. We did it all by surrendering our power. Unfortunately, these white-flag situations happen too often and to too many salespeople. As result we become weaker salespeople and will find our losses more frequent and our wins more difficult. 

In this immediately actionable talk, Carl Harvey, sales development expert and author of the book, What’s Stopping You: How to build the confidence you need to succeed at sales, will identify what lies at the root of this surrender. More importantly, Carl will outline the perspectives and practices to reverse these surrenders and turn them into successes.

Are Your Salespeople a Pitchfork Army or a Professional Sales Force? 

As the economy continues to struggle, companies and salespeople are making two unpleasant discoveries: they are finding fewer opportunities, and they are facing more ferocious competition than ever before. The era of the easy sale and the compliant customer is over. 

To succeed in this new, stark environment, salespeople can no longer pose as order takers, customer service reps or account managers; they need to become sales producers — salespeople capable of consistently finding, qualifying and closing new business. To make this transition, however, they will require more strength, skills and stamina. 

In this groundbreaking and immediately actionable workshop, Carl Harvey, sales development specialist and author of the book, What’s Stopping You?, will show sales professionals how to make the transition to the next level. 

In Part I, Carl introduces the practices and perspectives required to learn new, more demanding skills, to develop the capacity to deal with risk and challenge, and to overcome the self-limiting beliefs and behaviors that cause so many salespeople to surrender their power to their prospects. 

In Part II, he introduces current best practices in selling strategies and questioning techniques to help salespeople get in front for more prospects, to better qualify their opportunities, to deal effectively with the dodges and stalls prospects often place in their path, and to more effectively close the sale or close the file. 

In tough times, only the most capable and committed survive. This workshop will help you be one of those that not only survive but thrive even in today’s economy.

How to Grow Your Business in Today’s New, Uncertain Economy

In today’s new, uncertain economy, there are significantly fewer opportunities and more ferocious competition than ever before. To succeed in this environment, the old sales ways no longer work: giving out information; doing unqualified presentations and quotes; and hoping that our accommodating and pleasing manner will win the day. 

To succeed in this environment, business owners need to do things better and differently. The first step in the new direction is to grasp the difference between telling prospects what we do and how we can help them, and instead, understanding our prospects’ problems and then helping them understand why they need us. It is the difference between telling and selling, between the “do-your-own-thing” approach to selling and using an effective sales process, and between losing and winning in today’s sales environment 

In this path-breaking and immediately actionable presentation, Carl Harvey, sales development expert and author of What’s Stopping You: building the confidence you need to succeed at sales, will illustrate this difference by introducing his powerful sales process.

What’s Stopping You? The Inside Game of Selling Success (Half-day workshop) 

To go to the next level of success and results, salespeople need more than powerful techniques and approaches. They need to develop the one quality upon which all techniques and approaches depend: an expanded capacity to deal with risk, challenge and uncertainty. For it is this capacity that will determine the how high a salesperson will call, the risks she will take, the questions she will ask, and how long she will keep acting in the face of disappointment, negatives and self-doubt. 

In this ground-breaking workshop, Carl Harvey will outline the practices and perspectives needed to develop this core competency. You will learn how to:

  • Develop the confidence to call at the top.
  • Overcome cold call reluctance.
  • Ask the tough questions we all know but never ask.
  • Find the confidence to act when you lack confidence.

What stops most of us is the gap between knowing what to do and doing it. This workshop will help close that gap.

The Inner and Outer Game of Cold Calling (full-day workshop) 

Hands down, the two most dreaded words in the salesperson’s lexicon are: cold calling. Yet cold calling remains one of the most proven and powerful methods of acquiring new business — if one knows how to do it. This workshop will show you how. 

Part I — The Inner Game of Cold Calling. You will learn the perspectives and practices to overcome call reluctance and the fear of failure; how to identify and deal with self-limiting beliefs; the daily practices and mindsets that grow our confidence and competence, and those that undermine them. 

Part II — The Outer Game of Cold Calling. You will learn how to develop value propositions that grab interest and help secure appointments; how to deliver your message to establish credibility and not sound like the typical salesperson; how to call at the top; how to stay in conversation on a cold call and deal with prospects’ dodges and stalls; and how to handle the six most common objections you will hear on the phone.  See this related article Five Steps to More Effective Cold Calling by Carl Harvey. 

How to Make Your Sales Call A Success Story, Not A Mystery Novel (half-day workshop) 

Many salespeople waste their time in front of the wrong prospects: prospects who don’t have pain, the money or the decision-making authority, or prospects who have all of these but prefer someone else. The real problem is that salespeople are often unaware that the wrong prospects are the reasons they lost the sale. In effect, they allowed their sales call to become a mystery novel instead of a success story. 

In this powerful workshop, Carl Harvey will show you how to ask the right questions to get the real answers. You will learn the six qualifiers to determine a fit prospect, questions to ask to determine pain, money, decision-making and level field; how to deal with prospects’ evasive or fuzzy answers; and what to do when prospects want to think it over, won’t return your calls or have to check with others. 

The Critical Missing Link to Companies Sales Growth: More Effective Sales Management

As we move forward in the new, uncertain economy, companies are making two unpleasant discoveries: there are fewer opportunities, and more ferocious competition for those opportunities than ever before. The era of the easy opportunity and the compliant customer is over. 

To succeed in this environment, companies strive to find more markets and deliver better service to separate themselves from the competition. The problem is no matter how hard they run, they can’t separate themselves from their competitors. The deeper problem is that more markets and better service do not find and close new opportunities — salespeople do. 

If companies are to compete and win today, they need to go beyond markets and service and transform their salespeople (producers and CSRs) from account managers and order takers into salespeople who can consistently and effectively find, qualify and close new business. 

The issue for many companies, however, is that they don’t know how to make this transition. 

In this immediately actionable talk, Carl Harvey, sales development specialist and author of the book, What’s Stopping You?, will outline the sales management practices and principles required to transform salespeople from a pitchfork army into a professional sales team. This includes:

  • The how and why of using a sales specific instrument to evaluating your salespeople.
  • The one core quality that companies must develop in their salespeople and CSRs if positive change is to occur.
  • Managing by small steps not management by fiat — the critical practice required for developing that core quality.
  • The importance of managing by behaviors not just quotas.
  • What mapped sales processes and selling systems are, and why they are the foundational difference between a pitchfork army and a professional sales team.
  • The role of pipeline management in developing and holding salespeople accountable. 

Developing salespeople who can compete and win in an uncertain economy is neither a mystery nor a matter of luck. Rather, it is about cause and effect, understanding what is required to develop next-level skills, and putting into place the practices and processes that support that development.