Sales Solutions

Success and Self Esteem offers the following solutions to improve your sales:

Sales Assessments

Before salespeople can get better, you and they need to know what better looks like. We provide panoply of sales assessment tools to provide that answer, from a Sales Effectiveness Impact Analysis for a whole sales organization, including the sales management team, to individual assessments for one-on-one coaching.

Sales Force Development

We provide a different approach to sales force development that begins, not with sales training, but with sales evaluation: what are the skills and strengths of my salespeople, can they get better, what is stopping them, how long will it take for them to get better. With these answers we a avoid the standard practice of one-size-fits-all sales development and instead design a program based on the actual requirements of your salespeople and sales managers.

Sales Coaching

An intensive, one-on-one coaching that focuses on development of new sell skills and communication strategies, more effective sales process, sales planning, an overcoming sales weaknesses, such as Need for Approval, Fear of Rejection, to mention a few.

Sales Management Development

The key to having better sales results is not just having better salespeople, but having more effective sales managers. Our sales management development approach helps sales manager develop the 6 core competencies required for managing and growing salespeople: coaching to a selling system, accountability, learning how to change sales behavior and how to overcome the 10 major sales weaknesses; motivation; developing sales process and recruiting.

STAR — Sales Talent Acquisition Routine

Finding salespeople who can sell is neither a mystery nor a matter of luck, but a matter of understanding how to attract, identify, evaluate and hire salespeople who can find and close new business. STAR is powerful and comprehensive program to help sales managers and companies put in place a system of attracting, identifying, and onboarding the right salespeople.

Sales Process and CRM

Today, it is critical to build, stage and manage your pipeline effectively. To close more business requires a well developed sales process that uses the latest CRM tools.