The Book

This could easily be the best book on the subject of lack of self-esteem and what to do about it I’ve ever read.

What’s Stopping You

Building the confidence you need to succeed in sales.

by Carl Harvey

Life is about results. After all the good intentions have been calculated, somebody has to make something happen. Somebody has to cook the meals, somebody has to pay the rent, somebody has to get the contract signed. That results matter is true of life in general; it is especially true of sales. No matter what we sell, each of us is in a race against an inexorable judgment: our quota. Whether this race is measured by the week, the month or the quarter, each of us has a finish line, with an imperious judge at the end who demands: have you made your numbers? At the race’s end, our sales manager or boss is not interested in our good intentions or nice tries. Our manager does not want to hear about the sales we nearly made, could have made, or may make in the future. The sole interest is in the sales we did make. It is this inescapable pressure for results that defines selling, and marks it as the most demanding and daunting of professions.

This book is about how to achieve results in this most demanding of professions. Its purpose is to provide you with the selling skills, but more importantly, the psychological competencies required to achieve selling success. For the truth is, selling is always an “inside job”. What people see, our behaviors and the results they produce, are always consequences, effects of what they don’t see, our inner state of either self-confidence or self-doubt, either our best self or our diminished self. The battle in sales is always fought from the inside out.

This is not a new truth. But surprisingly it is a truth that few sales books give proper emphasis too, or even acknowledge. There are plenty of books and courses available that teach how to cold call and close, but not how to develop the confidence to do either. Books that stress the importance of enthusiasm and burning desire to selling success, but none on how to acquire the level of self-esteem necessary to experience such emotions. Books and courses that exhort us to call at the top and to not accept the first “no”, but none on how to develop the mental toughness to remain steady in the face of these firestorms. We are thus left with a gap between knowing these skills and the core competencies required to perform these skills, a gap between “I know” and “I can.”

What’s Stopping You? is the first book to close this gap; the first book to supply this critical missing link. This book will help you develop the confidence to cold call and close, the self-esteem to experience the enthusiasm and burning desire required for selling success and the mental toughness to call at the top and keep asking after the first “no.”

What’s Stopping You? is more than just a sales book. It is a self-help manual for sales professionals, integrating for the first time the science of psychology with the art of selling to provide the techniques, strategies and practices to grow your selling skills and the core competencies required to perform them.

What’s Stopping You? My hope is that after reading this book, you will have only one answer: “Nothing, I’m on my way.”

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This book brings together a wonderful blend of hard facts and easy-to-follow suggestions, and may possibly offer, for the first time, a logical and realistic positive process.