Carl Harvey, Founder 
Success and Self-Esteem

Carl Harvey, the founder of Success & Self-Esteem, is an accomplished and dynamic seminar leader and an award winning sales professional with more than 20 years of selling success to his credit. His company, Success & Self-Esteem, offers a unique sales training and sales development process that helps salespeople develop the selling skills and psychological competencies required for lasting selling success.

Carl is the author of the path-breaking book, What’s Stopping You?.  The book is the first to integrate the science of psychology and the art of selling to provide powerful, proven techniques to achieve selling success.

Carl is a uniquely qualified seminar leader, as he…

  • Offers a direct and accessible approach when presenting
  • Provides timely take-aways from his presentations that can be put to immediate use
  • Has personally won professional sales awards
  • Has authored a practical and popular book on selling skills that is used by major corporations
  • Counts numerous small business owners and large corporations as his clients
  • Is accessible to media reporters for expert commentary on sales and selling skills techniques and trends


  • Sales Training
  • Sales Coaching
  • Keynote Speaker
  • Sales Seminars
  • Sales Presentations
  • Sales Force Assessment

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